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    OEM - Contract Manufacturing

VU Snacks is a certified production facility with international validity. It produces the products of big brands and proceeds with a high-quality service understanding.

We are an OEM food manufacturer specializing in ready-to-eat Cookie recipe formulation, cooking, packaging, and storage service.


Our factory provides a trouble-free service to its customers with a product traceability system at high-quality standards.​ ​

VU Snacks can turn a product from a dream into a reality by providing unparalleled resources that include R&D and full manufacturing capabilities.

​ ​

We Can Help You!


VU Snacks ensures that your recipes reach you with sustainable quality management by making them suitable for mass production.

Our company is the manufacturer of many well-known brands in the market.


Build Your Brand

Our products are prepared with the freshest and highest quality ingredients, sourced directly from our partner farms, to enable us to offer healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals to our valued customers.

Our company produces your product.


Your products are produced according to the formula you have approved as efficient and hygienic.


Nutrient tables are documented by a certified and TÜRK-AK accredited laboratory approved by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

VU Snacks

Business Process Mapping

As a reliable partner, we provide technical support to help the customer create products that are acceptable in the market.

Conceptual Idea

We offer ideas and innovations according to the latest market trends,

Product Development

Combined with raw materials selected from reliable sources and advanced processing technology, we ensure that all products meet international standards to support customer needs.


Our R&D team can develop food with many process technologies.


Our R&D team with over 10 years of experience can help you create delicious, safe, and legal products for any country.

International Standarts

The factory is equipped with modern machinery to meet international safety standards (FSSC, HALAL). We offer a variety of packaging options.

Half a century of manufacturing and retail history

The largest and most equipped facility in the Aegean Region in its field

The flexibility you need to produce the products you dream of

Expert staff in producing the fastest and most accurate solution for the different needs of its customers in different geographies

vu snacks


Thank you for contacting us!

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