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Company History

Would you like us to tell you a delicious story while enjoying your cookie?

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50 years ago, on a spring morning in Çeşme, a legend was born, surrounded by the smell of gum and the sea. Now he has everything from strawberry red to pistachio green, but he was blonde when he was little. Time passed and he released his kite on the hills smelling of grass to the wind of Alaçatı. This is how he discovered the freshest fruits and the most delicious milk. As you can imagine, he grew up quickly. He grew up but his heart was always a child. He took his ladle and cone in his hand to knead the flavor and invite people. This is how the legend of Veliusta began.


Whomever you ask in Çeşme, they showed Veliusta, and whoever heard his name, a smile spread across his face. We don't know who said that only children eat ice cream, but the Veliusta of ice cream said: 'Ice cream goes to the heart, not the stomach, so in every heart, there is a place for a delicious ice cream before it's old', how well he said it.

​ ​

All this time has passed, and the world has changed. Veliusta's secret of taste has not changed. Fifty years ago, the little ones who tasted Veliusta's ice cream with a child's appetite, years later, they took the same cone and became children again. It is our habit, we, Çeşme people, have always warmly welcomed visitors. We have always welcomed our guests from all over Turkey and the world with a sweet "Welcome" and they always left with a warm smile.​ ​


Now, Veliusta continues to spread happiness with thousands of beautiful people who add their joy to sweets, cookies, and ice cream at thousands of points with different products and brands in different parts of Turkey. He advises every employee before starting work: 'Your hobby will be your job, you will start and finish with pleasure, and most importantly, you will like yourself first.'

Our Story





2001 - 2013







The Veliusta brand was founded by our founder Veli YÜCE.

Starts to host its guests with a single ice cream fridge and ice cream machine in a 10 m2 shop.

2nd branch opened.

Over time and in line with the demands of his customers, Veliusta changed from being a classic "ice cream shop " to a cafe patisserie concept.

8 more branches were opened in İzmir.

He established a green production facility made of stone and wood, which meets its energy, on an area of 7000 m2 in İzmir Urla Bademler.

Private to Turkey's big brands Entry into national chains by producing label products.

Entering the production and marketing of functional and nutritious foods.

The start of Veliusta E-Commerce sales in Türkiye.

Start of export with VU Snacks brand.

We are at your service today as in the past.

50 Years Experience

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