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With its wide product range, Veliusta offers you not only high quality but also a variety that will enable you to find the flavor you are looking for. We guarantee your customer satisfaction with the highest quality materials, the most advanced production technologies, and our expert team.

Healthy Snacks Co-Manufacturing

A Veliusta production facility was established on an area of ​​7000 m2 in Urla, İzmir in 2016, with half a century of experience in the production sector. With its young, dynamic and experienced team in the food sector, it aims to provide the best service to its customers and to be the pioneer of the sector.


Our ice creams, cookies, and functional foods meet the consumers with Veliusta quality after purchasing and processing raw materials whose taste and quality standards do not change, and after the inspection of our expert staff.


Veliusta serves the leading companies in the sector in out-of-home consumption and retail sales.

​ ​

Our products; Veliusta, VU Snacks, Sweet Meeting, Ege Muhallebicisi, Wellice, Dòn Macarron and Keyf-i Şahane brands meet our consumers in domestic and foreign markets.


In addition, it has taken its place in chain markets, hypermarkets, wholesalers throughout Turkey with its private label brands such as Tire Dairy Cooperative, Muscle Cheff, and also in foreign markets with these brands.

​ ​

As of 2020, Veliusta has expanded its export targets and has taken its place in more than 20 countries on 4 continents with more than 50 products. Our priority is to provide the best service to our customers without sacrificing quality and service.

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Private Label Ice Cream

Since 1973, we've made great ice cream a family tradition. Veliusta packs both private-label ice creams made with milk from family dairy farms and vegan frozen desserts.

This dedication to quality and locally sourced ingredients make Veliusta private label ice cream the perfect recipe for customer loyalty.
Available in a wide variety of sizes, Veliusta ice creams feature the classic flavors your customers love, as well as unique and exciting flavors that make your private-label ice cream stand out in the freezer aisles.
Veliusta can create any milk or dairy-free ice cream, sorbet, new ice cream, or frozen dessert you need!


VU Snacks | Healthy Snacks Manufacturer

Private Label Cookies

Veliusta has a rich heritage of baking the best soft cookies available for retail customers in Turkey. Our skilled bakers and advanced equipment are capable of producing a wide variety of flavors and packaging styles.

​ ​

VU Snacks brand cookies are baked and marketed by Veliusta in many popular flavors. 


Ice Cream, Frozen Foods, and Desserts

  • Premium, super-premium, light, low-fat, and specialty ice creams, gelato, sorbets, and frozen yogurts

  • Ice cream innovations: cakes and pies

  • Vegan frozen desserts

  • Specially designed ice creams and chocolate-covered bars

  • Ice cream pints

VU Snacks | Healthy Snacks Manufacturer

Products Conforming to Quality Standards

  • SQF Certified
  • Certified Organic (USDA)
  • Non-GMO Project Verification
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher
  • Plant-Based
  • C.L.E.A.N.
  • Vegan
  • R.A.W.
VU Snacks | Healthy Snacks Manufacturer

Cookies, Functional Foods, and Functional Desserts

  • Premium, super-premium, butter, protein, collagen, prebiotic cookies

  • Special design cookies

  • Vegan cookies

  • Cookie packages

“ We carefully prepare traditional flavors that will leave a mark on your palate with their unique taste, and accompany your unforgettable moments. ”

Veli Yüce

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How We Do?

It is very important that our Veliusta ice creams, which are produced under hygienic conditions, are blended with fresh flavors.

​ ​

Artisanal production means a completely natural production system using traditional methods.

​ ​

Veliusta ice creams, which are of Italian origin and spread from Italy to all corners of the world, are prepared as a freshly produced and consumed ice cream variety that does not have industrial production.

​ ​

Veliusta Ice Cream, which is prepared with milk, cream, sugar, and fresh fruits, does not contain additives and air; It is completely different from the classic ice cream experience with its unique taste, smell, and color.

​ ​

The biggest feature that distinguishes Veliusta Ice Creams from classical ice creams is their unique flavors produced with real fruits.

​ ​

Gelatos, which add a new dimension to the ice cream experience with their unique aromas produced with fresh ingredients, leave a mark on the palate with the intense fruit flavor felt in every spoon.

​ ​

Gelatos prepared with fresh fruits collected in the season have less fat and sugar compared to classical ice creams.

Gelatos prepared with methods that do not contain preservatives and additives are stored between -12 and -16 degrees.

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